Tiger Facts

Did you know....

  • Only five subspecies of tiger exist in the world
  • The largest of the subspecies is the Amur (or Siberian) Tiger
  • The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of the subspecies
  • Unusually for Cats, Tigers enjoy water and are very strong swimmers
  • Only four cats are capable of roaring the Lion, Leopard, Jaguar and the Tiger
  • Tigers don't like to get too hot
  • Tigers spend really hot days lying in pools and streams
  • A Tigers roar can be heard over 2km away
  • Tigers roar to defend its territory or to call its mate or cubs
  • The Tigers striped coats camoflages it very well as it stalks through long grass
  • The Tiger uses its large dagger like teeth (Canines) to stab its prey.
  • One bite in the throat or the back of the neck is enough to kill a deer
  • Tigers usually hunt alone and at night
  • The Tiger is not a fast runner and like most cats it stalks silently towards its prey
  • Contrary to popular belief the Tiger is not by nature a man eater
  • A Tigers footprints are called 'Pug Marks'
  • A Tigers tail can be up to one-third of its total body length
  • The collective name for a group of Tigers is a streak!
  • Tigers purr just like domestic cats, but the sound is about a hundred times louder
  • Tigers have excellent binocular and colour vision, over six times that of humans
  • In zoo's Tigers live to about 25 years but in the wild the average age is 10 years

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